Suzuki SFV650 Gladius Review

The Suzuki SFV650 Gladius is a naked bike with a 645cc V-Twin engine. With a red trellis frame and an aggressive design, this motorcycle features an incredible design. The bike remains true to the reputed Gladius series which is known for its high-performance motorcycles at an affordable price. Borrowing design elements from its predecessor, the SV650, this variant sports a refined look and delivers better performance. The following sections constitute a brief review of the SFV650.

Suzuki SFV650 review


1. The 645cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled V-Twin engine is packed with Suzuki’s advanced technology to deliver raw power. The fuel injection system brings out a perfect balance between performance and economy. The engine churns out 71Bhp at 9,000 rpm offering a maximum torque of 63.1 Nm at 7,600 rpm.


2. A smooth 6-speed transmission with cam type system enables easy shifting of gears with the least possible mechanical noise.


3. The steel trellis frame features a rake of 25 degrees and a trail of 104mm that not only deliver a sporty handling, but also give a magnificent look.


4. The two floating disks of 290mm diameter are coupled with dual-piston calipers. The single 240mm rear brake works in conjunction with a single piston caliper.


5. The fuel tank capacity is 14.30 litres. 6. Suzuki is offering a two-year warranty on this motorcycle.


HIGHLIGHTS of naked motorbike


1. The SFV650 features a six-instrument cluster above its headlight including a digital speedometer, digital clock, analog tachometer, odometer and dual trip meters. We also get to see the digital gear position indicator that is a rarity in a motorcycle at this price point.
2. The multi-reflector headlight is shaped organically and features the high and low beams.
3. The stylish 17-inch wheels made of aluminium alloy sport a 5-spoke design. The dimensions of the front and rear wheels are 17 x 3.50 inches and 17 x 5.00 inches, respectively.
4. The seat’s height is adjustable.
5. The SFV650 can reach a top speed of 123 mph or 197 mph.
6. At approximately 67.80 MPG, this bike has a decent mileage given the maximum power it can produce.
7. The front and rear suspensions are telescopic and link type respectively, and both feature a coil spring and oil damped mechanism.


1. The revved-up engine that delivers a huge amount of power is a plus.

2. Suzuki has done some excellent work to create a quiet and strong gearbox that facilitates a smooth transition of gears

.3. Good value for money.

4. At 202kg, it feels right and easy to handle. The bike’s ergonomic design gives sheer pleasure while riding the bike. Even at high speeds, the SFV is sturdy and does not produce any vibrations whatsoever.


1. It would have been nice if the bike sported ABS

.2. The SFV’s design feels slightly old but is attractive. We would’ve appreciated if Suzuki packed more modern-looking hardware such as radial-mount front brakes or an inverted fork. Also, the instrument panel looks too similar to SV650’s. It could have been redesigned.

Suzuki motorbike review

At a price of $7,699, the Suzuki Gladius can be an affordable alternative to the Ducati Monster 696. It is light and crispy feel combined with a smooth low to mid-range power delivery makes it a great street bike. It is also an ideal contender to the Honda CBR650F and Kawasaki Ninja 650.

BMW K1300s Review

If you are looking for a bike that will handle almost everything, the BMW k1300s is the bike that you should be looking for. This bike will let you enjoy all the dynamics that will require safety down to the last detail. For over 20 years, this is something that BMW has been trying to re-invent. The 1300s enjoys a high reputation for the fastest connection from A to B. If you are a mature rider; you will want to seek out a bike that can maintain performance without compromising on comfort. Continue reading


BMW RR 1000 Review

With the blatant display of the Bavarian bravado, BMW entered the liter-class super sports category with a bang in 2010. Now, for 2015 model, the onslaught continues. The latest BMW RR 1000 has lost nine pounds but also gained new features where most of them have been derived directly from the BMW’s race development.

The RR model has had the strikingly fun quick shift. However, new this year is clutchless downshifting with the Gear Shift Assist Pro. The very first time you try it, it will disorient you and all you require is confidence to trust that you are doing it right, you are not about to lock up the back tire from quick downshift. When you believe it works correctly; it automatically will do the symphony-like glitch of the throttle, downshifting buttery smooth.


Engine and Powertrain:

The third generation RR 1000 model has seen dynamic changes, especially in the four-cylinder water-cooled in-line engine. The peak output is one hundred and forty-six (146) kW, claimed one hundred and ninety-nine hp at thirteen thousand five hundred rpm and a jump of four kW and six hp from the previous model. Torque increased from one hundred and twelve Nm to one hundred and thirteen Nm, eighty-three lb-ft, at approximately 10,500 rpm. It has a broader power band with a usable rev range that peaks continuously between nine thousand five hundred (9,500) and twelve thousand (12,000) rpm. However, it has a stronger force at a much lower revolutions per minute.

Cylinder heads have been re-engineered with lighter intake valves, different duct geometry, and new intake camshaft. The intake shaft cams were given fuller contour. Valve springs have been adapted accordingly, and every intake valve is about two grams lighter. The cylinder barrels coupled at the upper half of its engine block underwent slide smoothing to reduce friction. It is conventional chain final drive, and the lightweight six-speed transmitter completes the powertrain.


motorbike chasis


The third generation model looks similar to previous models; it is not. The 2015 model has a lighter frame structure, and a blend of flexibility and rigidity offers greater precision, traction, and feedback. The chassis entails four different aluminum cast pieces that are welded with the engine. When welding, the engine is usually tilted forward at an angle of 32-degrees and integrated as a load-bearing element.

The fork intersection of its immersion tubes was reduced to six millimeters, and the angle of the steering head increased by 0.5 degrees to 66.5 without any modification in its yoke offset. The swing-arm pivot point lowered to three millimeters while the wheelbase was extended by fifteen millimeters.


BMW Motor-rad is long known for its diverse line of precision-built motorcycles and automobiles. They have added RR 1000 Superbike to their versatile model line-up. RR 1000 is a Bavarian Motor Works and an all-new entry into the growing sports bike market. It is sure to present many innovative motorcycle technologies, like the traction control and ride-by-wire that the company has become renowned for. This is a highlight of some of the new technologies introduced in this model:

1. A Race-ABS that has an optimized set-up

2. Riding modes such as race, rain, and sport are the standard methods. Nonetheless, it also has a Ride Modes Pro that comes with two additional modes the slick and configurable (user), for optimum adaptation 
to riding conditions.

3. Pit lane speed regulator that helps to maintain a particular speed in the pit-lane is part of the free Ride Mode’s Pro.

4. It comes with an improved version of the electronic DDC (Dynamic Damping Control).

5. The DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) has a precision calibration in seven + or – steps.

6. A new electrical system has a sturdier sensor box and a lighter battery.

In conclusion, by losing more than nine (9) lbs and gaining new steering geometry, the COG (Center of Gravity) shifted upwards and backward for 2015 model. RR is easier to turn over from one side to the other and more flexible. The new CoG coupled with the DTC and an essential Race-ABS made the twenty technical flips at COTA more approachable to riders of any abilities.

Top 5 Motorbike Tracks In Europe

For the bikers, an impressive track is what makes the riding experience fun and memorable. When it comes to travel, Europe is known for its magnificent routes that offer unusual experiences and views. This article suggests top motorbike tracks in Europe that can help you enjoy riding to the fullest. Read on!

derbyshire motorcycles
1. Derby-Shire

Derby-shire has very stunning scenery and as such, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast you may enjoy the highly celebrated routes between Buxton and Whaley Bridge. Superb views of Goyt Valley gives a unique feeling to the journey, as the course is contained along the A5004. There are plenty of twists and sweeping roads to keep you entertained.

2. A2, Antrim coast Road In Northern Ireland

The route is 60 miles long, and it is one of the best biking routes in the world. Head north as the road twists in and out of friendly fishing villages, where the roads are skimming so close to the sea’s edge. This makes you feel as if you are floating on it. Across the north route, which is 24 miles away is the Mull of Kintyre. The views usually act as sirens as the turns get tighter with drops tumbling into the breakers pounding the cliff below. The track may seem creepy for a novice rider, but many always come back as the feeling is great.

3. The SS300 Route In Italy

This awesome route takes you through the Stelvio National Park found in northern part of Italy. The park offers spectacular views as well as some smooth and easy to maneuver routes. Well, learning some Italian can improve your experience, especially when you learn some friendly motorcycle terms but in general, enjoying this inspiring scenery proves to be rewarding enough. Plan on cycling there and you will not regret your decision.

4. Saranda to Vlora in Albania

Riding in Albania makes one feel like Indiana Jones. You can enjoy riding from the resort town of Saranda in the south and make your way along the coast road via the orchards and olive groves from where ghoulish dummies hand to scare away evil spirits.

5. Buxton-Macclesfield In England

This is an 11 km long strip of tarmac, and it is surely a rite of passage for bikers. However, you need to beware! RAC labeled in the past as one of the most dangerous roads but a 50mph speed restriction has greatly helped with the spills. However, one ride on the road will tell you why all bikers keep coming back. Leave Macclesfield end, but you need to watch the previous section. You need to concentrate as there are endless corners, getting progressively tighter. The bends, hills, and low stone walls offer an excellent views and visibility for dangers ahead. There are numerous bikers with different motorcycle models who flock this place for fun. Be one of them!

Well, there you have it! With Christmas just days to go, maybe you have bee n wondering where to go for a ride with your friends. Europe is the place to be. The above tracks are just but an iceberg of what awaits you. So, start planning now and head over to Europe for a memorable biking experience!

Top 3 Nascar Drivers of 2015

When it comes to the sports driving scene, Nascar drivers will always be the center of attention. 2015 has been an exceptionally interesting and challenging year for most Nascar drivers with some doing consistently well while others are struggling to maintain their rankings. Below is a look at the top 3 Nascar drivers in 2015 and their performance for the year.

1. Kyle Busch

Kyle is known to be Nascar’s youngest pole winner in a cup series in 2005 at the California Speedway while he was only 19 years old. He holds several records one of which is for the most race Wins in a Season across the top three Nascar series with 24 victories in 2010 and also the most wins in Nascar’s three national touring series combined with 154.

The 2015 season started off in a frightening manner for Busch. He crashed in Nascar’s Xfinity Series season opening at the Daytona International Speedway leaving his left foot and right leg broken. The Season went on to see Kyle make an emotional comeback when he paved the season with a devastating injury as he won his first career Nascar Sprint Cup Series Title. He took the 2015 championship at the Homestead, Miami Speedway, in the Ford Eco Boost 400 by being the top finisher among four other championship drivers who were Mac True Junior, Kevin Harvick, and Jeff Gordon.

On that day, Busch led 41 cups and 7 of the last 267 lap events for his career post season win as a member of a chase for the Nascar Sprint Cup Field.

kevin review

2. Kevin Harvick

Harvick is a man whose passion for racing was evident in his early years as his parents bought him a go-kart as a kindergarten graduation gift. Harvick’s father, who was a fixture on the Bakersfield racing scene and a firefighter built Harvick his first car which allowed him to compete in the lower Nascar series.

In 2014, Kevin Harvick won his first sprint cup series championship in his career at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. During the race, Harvick remained consistent throughout and battled ferociously with Jeff Gordon for the lead. A late caution so Harvick pitting in with 4 tires and he made an astounding rebound after restarting outside the top 10, reaching the top 5 when another caution happened, then taking the lead from Denny Hamlin while holding off his fellow championship contender Ryan Newman, and won the Sprint Cup Championship and the Ford Ecoboost 400.

In the 2015 Sprint Cup, Harvick finished as the runner-up to Kyle Busch. Ditech announced that it would be his car’s primary sponsor for two Nascar Sprint Cup Series in 2016.

kevin hommie
3. Jimmie Johnson

Johnson began his racing career at a very early age. After his high school graduation, he went on to compete in various off-road series. He raced and won rookie of the year in the SCORE International, Short Course off-Road (SODA) Driver’s Association, and the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group Series (MTEG).

Johnson won his first Cup Series championship in 2006 and gained further wins in the years 2007-2010 becoming the first and only driver in the history of Nascar to win five consecutive championships. In 2011, he finished 6 in the standing points and third in 2012. He won his 6th championship in 2013. He is also a two-time winner of the Daytona 500 where he won in 2006 and 2013. Johnson has a record of 75 career race wins, six championships, 34 pole positions, and 312 Top 10’s between the years 2002-2012.

Johnson, however, did not perform as expected this season, as he went on to finish outside the top 10 of the final Sprint Cup standings for the first time in his career. While some would say that he has only to blame for this performance, the winning title has become a moving target nowadays with the championship format changing especially in the recent years, so Jimmie Johnson should not be overlooked as he is still likely to make a surprise comeback in the races to come.


I am a Ducati superbike fanatic, and I like to keep up with the updates. The truth is, despite the fact that the brand name seems to be getting all the credits, I still thought it needed to do much to make it to the top list. Well, Ducati 848 made me revise my doubts. As an improved version of 1098, I must confess that the manufacturers finally placed something on the market to brag about. The fact that its users are more positive about it did well in silencing my thoughts about the possible drawbacks. However as a person who prefers thorough research before making conclusions, I had to do my research. Here is what I found out.

Ducati 848 Review


848 isn’t just another version of 1098. It is an improved version of Ducati 1098, and if you liked 1098, then you will not mind doing an upgrade. Designed for maximum performance, 848 is fast with a top speed of 166 mph, easier to handle and if you are too cautious of what comes out of your pocket then I bet won’t have second thoughts of spending £9500 on this amazing superbike after this review. Here is a brief overview of some of its salient features.

Ducati 848 ENGINE

It comes with a Desmodromic, 849cc V-twin Testastretta that is cooled with liquid and also cheaper compared to Ducati 1098’s motor. The 848’s motor is also stronger than the 848’s making a torque of 122bhp and 66ftlb at the rear wheel. The power delivery is amazingly smooth and linear and also weighs approximately 30 kg less than the 1048’s despite making 20bhp with 10ftlb more.


motorcycle chasis


The Streetfighter 848 weighs 169 kg dry weight that gives it the best power-weight ratio compared to its rivals. Its trellis frame performs best and makes it easier to control. It is Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres are designed for better performance at the turn in point as well as braking. The tire is wider and higher for maximum comfort during the ride. The 5.5 and 3.5 inches 10-spoke wheels, the 4-piston Brembo that is mounted radially on the dual discs measuring 320mm the calipers and the swingarm that is single sided makes it easier to handle.

motorcycle equipment extra


848 comes with a stopwatch to help you track your riding sessions, a DDA software for maximum performances as well as a headlight designed to multi reflect, provides the most powerful reflection that is vital for better lighting. Other important equipment includes fighter controls, compact instruments, minimalist switch-gear, and lastly DTC for better illumination.
There is a lot to like about 848. However, just like any other superbikes, it has its good side as well as its good side. What places it at the top position is the fact that major issues such as handling, and motor strength that were common with 1048 are adequately addressed. The design is quite astounding for a new rider; it is easier to handle and most importantly, comes with some of the most vital equipment like Ducati Data Analyser, powerful headlight and more that gives a rider easy time while riding. However, not all the users are satisfied with it. It is a fact that 848 is among the best superbikes available on the market, but it is also available to know its pros and cons.

pros about ducati 848


* Reliable: Unlike other previous Ducati models, 848 doesn’t seem to suffer mechanical and electrical problems.
* Easier to handle: 848 is light. The tires are wider enough, and the 10-spoke wheels make it easier to handle.
* Faster: Compared to its rivals, 848 is a bit faster at a speed of 166 mph.


* Expensive: There are those who feel that it is quite expensive at a price of £9500. However compared to other superbikes on the market with the same price, 848 is much cheaper for a superbike its type.


Despite the 848’s remarkable features, there are still those who think it needs some improvements. There are also those who feel, all their issues with previous 1098 are properly addressed, and 848 is the best superbike in the market. After five reviews by the users, 848 settles at 5/5 rating that is quite high compared to its rivals.

In summary, 848 is among the best superbikes available on the market. At a first glance, you will have second thoughts about not making the purchase. The design is quite astounding, it has excellent features compared to its rivals, and most importantly, it is quite affordable compared to the prices of the motorcycles its type on the market. Users also seem to be more positive about it. Why not give it a try?

Top 3 Must-Attend Events For Motorcyclists

Motorcycling rallies and events are becoming increasing popular nowadays. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced rider, there are some motorcycling events which you can’t afford to miss. These events are the soul of the motorcycling community and should be on every rider’s bucket list. Here are the top 3 must-attend events for motorcyclists. Continue reading